Tidying as Grieving

Tidying the house after losing your favourite person who you shared it with is hard. Each object is a memory bank that gets triggered when being held. It feels impossible but it is actually just insanely emotional and difficult. Do the ‘konmari’ thing of expressing your gratitude and saying thank you to the things that have given your favourite person joy and comfort because it works in bringing closure. That ‘spark joy’ thing however is a lot more complicated.

7 days ago

It has been 7 days of waking up to the emptiness on the other side of the bed. There is a choking pain that sits between my throat and chest. It was Mizah’s wish that I find the words in me again so that I can write my way through my grief and offer some light to those who may have to go through what we had to. It will be difficult, but for her, I must try.