Remembering Mizah

The queen of hearts, a graceful light of kindness, a champion of participatory design.

Mizah illuminated the lives of everyone she met – family, friends, peers, neighbours, strangers. She brought love and beauty to everything she did, and was also a quiet force of determination and bravery. There was a simple joy to her life, one that she shared with her husband, Adib Jalal.

She also lived a beautiful life filled with purpose as a designer and community organizer through Participate in Design (P!D), the non-profit design organisation that she co-founded. To her, it was never about what design is, but what design can do for the community. P!D was built with her values and vision, and the impact of her work continues to reverberate in Singapore and beyond.

In May 2020, Mizah passed away from Stage IV Colon Cancer at the age of 33. Adib and her family continues to love and honour Mizah for all the joy that she brought into their lives. The team at P!D continues to carry Mizah’s legacy into the future.

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You can read and contribute to the tributes on Instagram through #RememberingMizah.

You can read the blog posts that Adib wrote as he worked through the first 100 days here.

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