Back in 2011/2012, I was living in a small single-storey black-and-white house in Changi Village. I was then dating a young lady named Mizah and I knew of a small corner shop in the neighbourhood that sells good-looking and delicious chocolate cakes. I bought the cake to celebrate special occasions with her. Little did I know that both the girl and the cake would be so important in my life.

We loved the cake a lot and it became our shared indulgence. We bought the same cake for each one of our birthday. It became our thing.

Today would have been her 34th, but 33rd was her last. She lived all of it fully with joy & love, and I’m glad that she managed to enjoy her last one with the people who mattered most to her.

I cannot share this cake with her anymore but I bought it anyway and shared it with the P!D team. Though we cannot celebrate this with her, we will always celebrate everything about her. We ate cake and smiled because that’s how it has always been with her. That’s how we remember the Mizah that we all love.

I supposes the whole point of this is: a cake is not just a cake. It is an opportunity to make memories. So always eat cake with your loved ones.