Blessed with fertile land, bountiful sea, abundant forests, and natural resources, Bumikita Island should be home to a thriving and prosperous city. Instead, a permanent shadow hangs over this sunshine-kissed land.

The elder Anak Bumi speak of earthquakes, tsunamis, and thunderstorms regularly devastating the island. Countless attempts to establish a settlement on the land have always ended in futile. Seafarers and even pirates are known to refuse to set foot on its land for fear of its curse. Even Utarapura was wise to keep it untouched as a land reserve after annexing the cluster of islands during the Colossal Wars. This was a land best left on its own.

The Black March changed all that. The chaos brought about by the virus outbreak and economic turmoil threatened to dismantle the Utarapura oligarchy and cause anarchy in its society. Chaos was a daily affair but it was also the perfect cover for the government to approve the signing of a 999-year lease of Bumikita Island by a private corporation known as Bumi Inc. The agreement gave the venture-backed private company comprehensive control and freedom to develop the island as they see fit in exchange for a healthy boost to the Utarapura coffers. And then, there was also the promise of this unbuilt city: “A place for new beginnings.”

╫ – ╫ – ╫

Note: The base Cities:Skylines game, being a sandbox environment, does not come with a backstory. As it is also not a RPG, there is no ‘viewpoint’ or character to play as. This backstory thus serves as guidance on my actions in the series.

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places, and events are products of imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.