Game time: February – March 2021

Resident Bumi

In the beginning, there were two ways to become a resident of Bumicity. One: You bought into the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and got yourself some native Bumikita blockchain tokens called Bumitokens (BMTKs) alongside a coveted “Green Pass”. And two: You are sponsored by one of the companies in the city – which at launch was only Bumi Inc – to obtain the “Blue Pass”.

As the promise goes, your history doesn’t matter in this place. This is a city that offers a chance for you to leave behind the life that you’ve had for a second chance at life with a new identity. Everyone including the disillusioned super-rich, upper-middle class upgraders, refugees, bankrupts, the formerly incarcerated, the wanted, the exiled, and the disenfranchised are welcome. All one needs to do is leave everything behind, commit to a clean slate, and pay the entry fee with money or labour.

Let the history records show that the real pioneers of Bumicity are its builders. These are the men and women who in return for a second chance at life with their Bumicity job and residency, have accepted the task of being the first to set foot on an undeveloped island and literally build it up. These are the labourers and machine operators who lay its roads, pipes, and cables with their hands, tools, and robots. These are the engineers and project managers who are resolving things and time to make it all work. And these are the clerks, assistants, array of service providers, and shopkeepers who are supporting and enabling life and work in the city’s early days. It is for them that the first precinct in Bumicity – called Pioneer Village – is developed for.

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The precinct

Built up north right beside the inter-state highway, the building of the green, generous, & prosperous utopia that Bumicity promised in its prospectus starts with this first precinct. This slice of land which will be owned, built, and managed by the company will sustain the initial population of 2000 people in Phase 1 and will feature city infrastructure, staff residences, and other supporting facilities.

Pioneer’s Landing

While the new Bumiers may have left behind their past personal and work relationships, their faith and customs made their way over. As pioneers traversing land and sea to eventually enter a land not of their birthright, many voiced a need to pay spiritual dues and respect upon landing. Cities across the world are peppered with mosques and temples built by the newly landed immigrants as a way to say thanks to the powers that have led them safely there and will continue to bless their new lives. The wretched history of Bumikita island also suggests that it would be wise to appease the unseen guardians, and the discovery of an abandoned house in the Pioneer Village site added weight to the case. Like their forefathers across different cultures and religions in time, the pioneers strongly felt that a building of faith must be one of the first few structures to be built in the new settlement.

This was how ‘Pioneer’s Landing’ came about. The sacred park was developed with the understanding that the community could use it for their practices as long as it did not cause conflict amongst the various groups. To show support for its pioneers, Bumi Inc also built a small interfaith religious facility for communal prayers and ceremonies. It was also decided that this would be where a future cemetery for the pioneers would be built. 

Pioneer Village City Facility

The Bumicity prospectus promised a city that would be powered by renewable energy. Green infrastructure was a key piece in the city’s pitch to its investors and building facilities like wind turbines and a ‘green’ sewage processing plant helped to sell the eco-dream.

But the reality to this dream is that trash still needs processing. There’s still a need for cargo yards and warehouses to store building materials, food, and all the online purchases made by the residents. Mounds of sand and cement sit in assembly and staging areas as the roads and buildings are made real. Despite the best of intentions, this is the part of Bumicity where dust fills the air and sludge seeps into the ground.

But why should anyone see all of this? Let’s keep the eco-dream going by obscuring it with dense vegetation in the green buffer.

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