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March 2016  |  Review – Al-Islah Mosque by Formwerkz Architects [CUBES]

July 2015  |  Review – Photographic Memory: Book review of “Our Modern Past: A Visual Survey of Singapore Architecture, 1920s-1970s”.  [CUBES]

February 2015  |  Review  – Inspirational/Aspirational: Book review of “Sustainable Luxury”. [CUBES]

February 2015  |  Interview – 3D Printing A Piece Of Singapore’s Built Heritage: An interview with founder of BuiltinSG project  [Builtscapes]

January 2015 |  Interview – Pooling our resources together with the #sharingeconomy: An interview with CEO of blockpooling.sg  [Builtscapes]

December 2014  |  Interview – PubliCity for the Public’s City: An interview with URA’s PubliCity team [D-D.sg]

December 2014 |  Review  –  Decked Out: Building review of The DECK by LAUD Architects [CUBES]

July 2014  |  Review  – Of volumes, lines and shadows: Building review of House at Belimbing Road by HYLA Architects [CUBES]

May 2014  |  Op-Ed – Heart to Hard  [CUBES]

April 2013  |  Review – A house of time: Building review of Sentosa House by Nicholas Burns  [CUBES]

September 2012 | Feature – Where do you create? Spotlight on 10 Singapore design offices [Art4D, Thailand]

October 2010  |  Interview – Business of ideas. A conversation with Chris Lee of Asylum [Art4D, Thailand]

March 2010  |  Interview – The Design Society: A conversation with founding president, Chris Lee [Shift Japan]

December 2009  |  Interview  – Singapore Souvenirs: A conversation with Winston Chai, founder of Singapore Souvenirs project [Shift Japan]

December 2009  |  Interview  – V for Vase: A conversation with Hans Tan [Shift Japan]

August 2007  | Review  – Building review: Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic by Fumihiko Maki



Let’s Experience Design (2015)  |  Lead Contributing Writer

The book charts the ONG&ONG Experience Design Studio’s methodology. Told through an easy-to-read format that includes insight features, short stories, and quick-help tips, it unravels the team’s ideas and creative processes behind their journey in creating transformative experiences within the built environment.

Publisher: ONG&ONG. ISBN: 978-1943532025. More: Amazon

Brand Guide: Singapore Edition (2015)  |  Interviewer

Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is the first edition of the Brand Guide Series by Foreign Policy Design Group. A documentation of the most progressive local brands & a celebration of the visionaries & designers behind them – it is filled with takeaways and anecdotes capturing the vision to fruition of each brand owner.

Publisher: Foreign Policy Design Group. ISBN: 978-9810951221. More: thebrandguide.com

The Magical Spaces Project (2007)  | Author

A compilation of the submissions from the Magical Spaces project, the book also featured short essays that explores the idea of meaningful and memorable spaces to each individual.

Publisher: BasheerGraphicBooks. ISBN:9789810593841. More: SelectBooks