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Dispatches - A Prologue

My occasional email dispatch about the life we live, the people we live with, and the cities we live in.

Dear You, Thank you for being here and allowing this email to travel through cables, invisible waves, and spam filters to land on whatever screen you are reading this now. You probably receive a lot of emails daily and I hope that these dispatches will be one of those that you actually enjoy receiving. However, […]

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The Silent Unplugging (Pt.2)

Landing in Tambanan to venture into my inner world.

“Think of the body as a cup, and the water in it as your mind. If you keep moving, the water cannot be still and you cannot see your reflection in the water; you cannot see what the water truly is. If you want to understand your body and your mind, then you have to […]

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The Silent Unplugging (Pt. 1)

Preparing to unplug and head for my first no-internet, semi-silent retreat in Bali.

This is about the silent retreat

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